Forest Field's Diary from Japan
I live in the Miki city in Japan. I want to introduce the Miki city where I live through the blog.

Gallery Yunoyama michi

Forest Field(11.3)

We went to Gallery Yunoyama michi.
11月3連休 023

Gallery Yunoyama michi is in Yunoyama-Kaido Which is old street in Miki.

There is an exhibition at the Gallery.
It has been held by Msako Koshio.
11月3連休 019

She is an illustrator.
She lives in Midorigaoka cho,Miki city.

Her picture is very cute.
Everyone Who see her exhibition move their heart.
11月3連休 020
11月3連休 006

We spent slow-life today.

Miki Hardware Festival

Forest Field(10.29)

Tents was displayed to all aspects of a large parking lot infront of Miki city hall

They are tents of the hardware festival held at the end of this week.
It finally became a close real thing.


It is "Miki hardware festival" on November 1st(sat) and 2nd(sun).
Huge festival that 180,000 people every two days can come.
It will be done grandly this year.

"Miki hardware festival 2008"
Ladies and gentlemen, would you like to come once ?

Must not open PC even holiday!!

Japanese version is here

Forest Field(10.27)

神戸電鉄三木駅 009

I took a rest from writing the blog on Saturday night.
So I wrote it on Sunday morning.
And I took a rest at night.

Meanwhile, though I was anxious about the comment.

"Must not open PC even holiday!! "
by God

I was not able to open PC by fearing this word.

I am sorry for everybody who gave the comment.

As I have writen a blog resently,it has spnt for 3 hours more to use PC.
It got her angry. So I refrected.

Rover also says.

First of all, it is a home.

By the way do you get your wife angry wahile you write and watch the blog on the PC ?

Ground of the yearning

Japanese version is here
Forest Field(10.26)
神戸地区駅伝大会 010

Rover has been already writing on his blog.
Therefore, many people may already know the event in Miki Disaster Prevention Park yesterday.

The long distance relay competition of the Kobe district was held in this park.

I talked to the boy (Hyogo industrial high school) who had put on the best for
the staff named the game assistance member.
And he taught me about this competition.
But the topik is center of boys.
Because he is a boy.

The schools that participated in this competition are 24 schools in Kobe City.
It had done in "Shiawase-no-mura"in Kobe until last year.

It runs dividing 42.195km by seven people.
I think that being able to do in this park is a result of a terrible area even if running several times in the same course.

The boy who answered the interview is in the first grade of high-school.
He asisted the cometition because he is a short distance specialty.

Finally, He answered, "I want to run in that big track and field sports place"
while making eyes sparkle.
(The track and field sports place had not been used yesterday. )

This ground is high school students''Ground of yearning'

Aditionally there were soccer,baseball,walking, and so on in this park.

In a park here, there is Beans Dome,too.
It is that Beans Dome that is called Bourbon Beans Dome from December.
The park here is really highest.

Indeed, it is 'Ground of the yearning. '

Sweet Streat

Japnese version is here

Good evening.

I'm Forest Field ,one of fantastic dreamers.

I want to tell you the story about the sweet something though it is time that has been ready to go to sleep yet.

This story was given by one of my friends who works for local government office in Miki city.
His section is unique. He works with citizens in cooperation.
His neame is "Mr.near river".

I'm interested in this story.
So I decided to follow him up.


Do you know where it is?

In The United States? In Canada? In Britain? In Australia?? or if Tokyo?

No, it is in the Miki city that this street exists.
It is in "Miki city" that everybody knows. (the city I am living and working)

"Mr.near ribver"told me there is a lot of cake shop when I looked about this street.
Therefore, he callsthis road "SWEET STREAT ".


The road is from sijimi station to Midorigaoka station

There are Kake store on this street.

That shop and this shop are in this SWEET STREAT , too.


What a fashionable street this streat is ?

When I consult friend's Ely
"There only haves to be a cafe where it can eat the cake of all shops.
Indeed,I heard it 2weeks or something ago.
As I was very busy,I coudn't open on the web site.

I left comment that I have an idea about cake on Takeonchu blog.

Bourbon Beans dome was born yet.
I think I may be interested in to sweet-street born