Forest Field's Diary from Japan
I live in the Miki city in Japan. I want to introduce the Miki city where I live through the blog.

Wao! Wao! Wao!

Jpanese version is here
Forest Field(10.22)

(My friend took this picture last year.I like it.)

Good evening. It was rain today. It has been falling softly all day long.

"The Miki LOHAS good morning conference" was done yesterday.
I called its conference "Good morning conference".
On the other hand, Ukie named its conference "Miki LOHAS conference"
according to the blog.
OH! I thought that "Miki LOHAS conference" was better.
However I decided to call the conference "The Miki LOHAS good morning conference " because it was not easy to throw "good mornig conference" away,

I want to open the conference regularly.
Rover wants also to have shown interest, and it is thought that there is some people who want to participate it , too and to do regularly. How about sakumi?

I completely liked the herbal tea in "the Miki LOHAS good morning conference".

I recalled being planted the lemon balm in the house, and got the herbal tea of the lemon balm in the morning.
I thought that I was quite delicious.

It was Mayor Hiwatashi that become the topic by "the Miki LOHAS good morning conference".
Ukie is an active woman.
She seems to have sent a mail to mayor Hiwatashi immediately. And, she received the answer of mail from mayor Hiwatashi on the same day. She wrote blog immediately about her gratitude.
Well, mayor Hiwatashi's answer is early.
(I'll advise Ukie. Next time, please try to mayor Kunisada. He is also a very good person. )

As for mayor Hiwatashi, He had a lecture in the Tokyo business show yesterday.
You can read his blog"Takeo meyor story" in detail .
I saw the photograph, and was astonished.
Mayor Hiwatashi is a really big person.
Ithink that place is fit with mayor Hiwatashi.

Another person exists as for terrible.
It is Mr. rfuruya.
He seemed to call Bourbon and to have chummed with the person in charge.
He heard Bourbon acquired the naming right of Beans Dome.

I must not forget Takeonchu .
It was today !!
I think that that flag is wonderful.
For me, the appearance of the activity of the flag is the enjoyment.
Does he write the blog about the appearance today?

I had been surprised for terrible of everybody for a long time today.

I got power from them!!

Mayor Hiwatashi and Takeo city

Forest Field (10.17)

(This is a picture after Mr Hiwatashi lectured us once.)

Good evening. It was fine also today during a day.
The blog of English version was started up yesterday.
(Japanese version is here !)
So I stayed up late to write it last night.
I'm really sleepy now.
I'm worry about whether it is possible to continue every day.
However, the message "excelent", "Hold out", "Look forward", and so on were gotten in mail and the office from friends, and I want to continue to hold out as much as possible.

Well, today's title is "Mayor Hiwatashi and Takeo city".

Mayor Hiwatashi gets the municipal administration managed as knowing
by the peculiar ability.

He was the the bureaucrat of the former Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications.

He proceeded to Takatsuki City,Osaka as a general manager of public mayor department .
It was he that used the blog for PR for the first time in Japan.

When he became a mayor, he was the whole country minimus mayor.
He stole the limelight from the whole country.
He attracted "Gabai bachan(great grandma)"TV location to the Takeo city.
The name of Takeo city became famous in the whole country.
Next, he formed GABBA. GABBA is grandmas' units.
Afterwards, he paid attention to "Lemongrass".
And, he made "Lemongrass" the special product thing of the Takeo city.
It is "lemongrass = Takeo city" and "Takeo city = lemongrass" now.

After that, there were a lot of applications in the employment test of the
Takeo city office outside the prefecture this year.
Attention is paid to the Takeo city and mayor Hiwatashi by the whole

The Miki city is doing personnel exchanges as the Takeo city which is Mayor Hiwatashi.
After having heard his lecture, I became Hiwatashi fan.

He introduced me to Mayor Kunisada in the Sanjo city.
(This picture is one Mayor Kunisada in Sanjo city visited Miki city. )

Mayor Hiwtashi is really great and truly strange (I'm sorry)mayor I've ever seen.

I think you may know very well about theese things.
However, why am I writing moreover about mayor Hiwatashi?
Because I got mail from Mayor Hiwatashi and I may get excited.

To tell the truth, I got excelent advice from mayor Hiwatashi today.

What is the advice?

It is leaving message with the name "fantastic dreamers federation in Miki city" (this federation is one I formed with my friends recently)When I visit other blog.

The naming of "fantastic dreamers federation in Miki city" is good name.
so he adviced that I should use the name with confidence.

Ladies and gentlemen,I want to leave the message with the name "fantastic dreamers federation in Miki city".
Please look forward to reading it !

There is another reason I want to take up mayor Hiwatashi.

I established an English blog to send the Miki city all over the world yesterday.

However, it is done ,to tell the truth, because of mayor Hiwatashi.

Do you know Mayor Hiwatashi is establishing the blog in Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese.

Mr.Rover and I felt admiration for Mr Hiwatahi seeing the market including Takeo city in the world.

3 languages!! it is troubling even if in English.

Mayor Hiwatashi is really excellent mayor.

Whenever he or she does mail, Mayor Hiwatashi gives the answer.
Though it is a very busy mayor.

Mayor Hiwatashi. Thank you for giving mail in spite of a busy schedule.