Forest Field's Diary from Japan
I live in the Miki city in Japan. I want to introduce the Miki city where I live through the blog.

Miki Hardware Festival

Forest Field(10.29)

Tents was displayed to all aspects of a large parking lot infront of Miki city hall

They are tents of the hardware festival held at the end of this week.
It finally became a close real thing.


It is "Miki hardware festival" on November 1st(sat) and 2nd(sun).
Huge festival that 180,000 people every two days can come.
It will be done grandly this year.

"Miki hardware festival 2008"
Ladies and gentlemen, would you like to come once ?

Must not open PC even holiday!!

Japanese version is here

Forest Field(10.27)

神戸電鉄三木駅 009

I took a rest from writing the blog on Saturday night.
So I wrote it on Sunday morning.
And I took a rest at night.

Meanwhile, though I was anxious about the comment.

"Must not open PC even holiday!! "
by God

I was not able to open PC by fearing this word.

I am sorry for everybody who gave the comment.

As I have writen a blog resently,it has spnt for 3 hours more to use PC.
It got her angry. So I refrected.

Rover also says.

First of all, it is a home.

By the way do you get your wife angry wahile you write and watch the blog on the PC ?

Ground of the yearning

Japanese version is here
Forest Field(10.26)
神戸地区駅伝大会 010

Rover has been already writing on his blog.
Therefore, many people may already know the event in Miki Disaster Prevention Park yesterday.

The long distance relay competition of the Kobe district was held in this park.

I talked to the boy (Hyogo industrial high school) who had put on the best for
the staff named the game assistance member.
And he taught me about this competition.
But the topik is center of boys.
Because he is a boy.

The schools that participated in this competition are 24 schools in Kobe City.
It had done in "Shiawase-no-mura"in Kobe until last year.

It runs dividing 42.195km by seven people.
I think that being able to do in this park is a result of a terrible area even if running several times in the same course.

The boy who answered the interview is in the first grade of high-school.
He asisted the cometition because he is a short distance specialty.

Finally, He answered, "I want to run in that big track and field sports place"
while making eyes sparkle.
(The track and field sports place had not been used yesterday. )

This ground is high school students''Ground of yearning'

Aditionally there were soccer,baseball,walking, and so on in this park.

In a park here, there is Beans Dome,too.
It is that Beans Dome that is called Bourbon Beans Dome from December.
The park here is really highest.

Indeed, it is 'Ground of the yearning. '

Sweet Streat

Japnese version is here

Good evening.

I'm Forest Field ,one of fantastic dreamers.

I want to tell you the story about the sweet something though it is time that has been ready to go to sleep yet.

This story was given by one of my friends who works for local government office in Miki city.
His section is unique. He works with citizens in cooperation.
His neame is "Mr.near river".

I'm interested in this story.
So I decided to follow him up.


Do you know where it is?

In The United States? In Canada? In Britain? In Australia?? or if Tokyo?

No, it is in the Miki city that this street exists.
It is in "Miki city" that everybody knows. (the city I am living and working)

"Mr.near ribver"told me there is a lot of cake shop when I looked about this street.
Therefore, he callsthis road "SWEET STREAT ".


The road is from sijimi station to Midorigaoka station

There are Kake store on this street.

That shop and this shop are in this SWEET STREAT , too.


What a fashionable street this streat is ?

When I consult friend's Ely
"There only haves to be a cafe where it can eat the cake of all shops.
Indeed,I heard it 2weeks or something ago.
As I was very busy,I coudn't open on the web site.

I left comment that I have an idea about cake on Takeonchu blog.

Bourbon Beans dome was born yet.
I think I may be interested in to sweet-street born

Miki Hardware Festival

Jpanese bersion is here

Good evening. It was cloudy and sometimes rain today.

The tenth was under to the hardware festival held on November 1st and 2nd.
We ware weeding around the place of the hardware festival during a day from the morning.

I was tired today?

I got soaked to the skin.
It was rain. So I put on the rain coat.
But it became sauna suit.
So I became wet teribly.

The Miki hardware festival is November 1st and 2nd during 2 days.

We will sincerely wait for coming of everybody.

Wao! Wao! Wao!

Jpanese version is here
Forest Field(10.22)

(My friend took this picture last year.I like it.)

Good evening. It was rain today. It has been falling softly all day long.

"The Miki LOHAS good morning conference" was done yesterday.
I called its conference "Good morning conference".
On the other hand, Ukie named its conference "Miki LOHAS conference"
according to the blog.
OH! I thought that "Miki LOHAS conference" was better.
However I decided to call the conference "The Miki LOHAS good morning conference " because it was not easy to throw "good mornig conference" away,

I want to open the conference regularly.
Rover wants also to have shown interest, and it is thought that there is some people who want to participate it , too and to do regularly. How about sakumi?

I completely liked the herbal tea in "the Miki LOHAS good morning conference".

I recalled being planted the lemon balm in the house, and got the herbal tea of the lemon balm in the morning.
I thought that I was quite delicious.

It was Mayor Hiwatashi that become the topic by "the Miki LOHAS good morning conference".
Ukie is an active woman.
She seems to have sent a mail to mayor Hiwatashi immediately. And, she received the answer of mail from mayor Hiwatashi on the same day. She wrote blog immediately about her gratitude.
Well, mayor Hiwatashi's answer is early.
(I'll advise Ukie. Next time, please try to mayor Kunisada. He is also a very good person. )

As for mayor Hiwatashi, He had a lecture in the Tokyo business show yesterday.
You can read his blog"Takeo meyor story" in detail .
I saw the photograph, and was astonished.
Mayor Hiwatashi is a really big person.
Ithink that place is fit with mayor Hiwatashi.

Another person exists as for terrible.
It is Mr. rfuruya.
He seemed to call Bourbon and to have chummed with the person in charge.
He heard Bourbon acquired the naming right of Beans Dome.

I must not forget Takeonchu .
It was today !!
I think that that flag is wonderful.
For me, the appearance of the activity of the flag is the enjoyment.
Does he write the blog about the appearance today?

I had been surprised for terrible of everybody for a long time today.

I got power from them!!

Good Morning Meeting

Japanese version is here

Forest Field(10.21)

市役所周辺 011

Bourbon Beans Dome

Japanese version is here

Forest Field(10.20)
サッカー 080

It was anounced the acquisition of the naming right of Bnans Dome in Hyogo prefectural Miki disaster prevention park where the naming right was being recruited by Hyogo Prefecture.

It is "Bourbon "(of the cake) to acquire.
Bourbon has motto that this company advances "Contribution to a healthy social-making as the enterprise healthy improvement synthesis support that supports the health care of the mind and the body"and" "it was established when the distress of Great Kanto Earthquake was seen, and it contributed to the disaster support activity about the earthquake etc."
The naming right was acquired in having agreed the activity purpose of "Base of the sports recreations" and "Large area disaster prevention base" that Hyogo prefectural Miki disaster prevention park aim.

By the way, where on earth do I get the information considerably fast?

No No.
It is""which is the news site of the ceter of Niigata Pref.

Thank you very much for's kindness to take up "Miki fantastic dreamer's " attending in " Echigo Sanjyo blacksmith festival" .

I was very surprised that Bourbon acquired the naming rights Of Beans Dome on the site of "" by chance.

Bourbon is in Kashiwazaki City.
Kashiwazaki City is a city in Niigata Prefecture.
Sanjo city where Mayor Kunisada exists as for Niigata Prefecture.

(When Mayor Kunisada visited Beans Dome in Miki in August.)

I feel the curious coincidence.

Beans Dome becomes "Bourbon Beans Dome" in December.

Dear Bourbon, please give my best regards to the Miki city with Bourbon Beans Dome !!

The Miki style soccer game

Japanese version is here

Forest Field(10.19)

秋桜とか 015
(I found a cosmos field.)

Good evening.

It was fine today during a day.

I got the message from Ukie.
The message is that autumn in Japan is the best season which you start something.

She is a teacher of the national language.

She cherishes The Miki LOHAS plan.
She is enjoying the herb and the yoga.

She was a leader in a highschool.

She and I were in the same class between the third grade.

I am pleased with the re-meeting her.
She also has been writing the blog.I take the power from her blog everytime I read.

Ukie, let's put the plan into reality together !

Well, there is a practice game of soccer of the child from the morning.
although it was very very hot.

I saw the game while thinking of these kind of things below today.

Please read a little kind og fantastic dream.

When I always see the children's soccer, I want to play soccer.

Please forget that I coudn't endure for 15 minutes yesterday.

I realize it is necessary for me to always move the body after all.

Any way, I always have a desire to play soccer with children .

so I have an idea "adult team vs children's" .

There is a difference of muscular power between adult and child no matter how the adult is lack of physical activity.

So for the game between adults and kids ,the number of adults is five in the lower classes for the elementary school, and the upper-grade is seven .

For vs Junior high school student..In this case, I think it's impossible to play it because of our older age.

Anyway as we can do in same court,we can have a soccer game with whomever someone wants to do.

If there is a kind of soccer game,
father and mother can cancel lack of physical activity.
They can contribute to child's strong(?) soccer team making.
We will see the scene that father and child kick the ball at home each other.
And Father will come back early.
Above all, the family has smile in the supper on the day played together in the same field.

This can be done by not only soccer but also other sports.

Mr. R175(Japanese bloger) took up "Sports culture" today by chance.

『Not only own health care but also the exchange with the family and the region become natural customs in daily life. It is connected with making the region energetic to make "Sports culture" take root. 』

It is a word in the blog. I think so.

Mr.R175,How about "the soccer game of Miki style" to help to make "Sports culture" take root ?

秋桜とか 007
(Today we have all Japan horsemanship rally which I coudn't see although I wanted see.See this blog)

Let's enjoy Miki Disaster Prevention Park

【Japanese version is here】

Forest Field(10.18)

Good evening.
It was fine today. If something was done outside, it was a day that it might not be
excluding today.

サッカー 069
We played soccer today.
It was a soccer rally with cities or towns in the vicinity today.

The team against whom the Miki city fought is Ako City.
For the member, Ako City was 11 people,while Miki City was 18.

Therefore, the Miki city was able to alternate member one after another as soon as someone were tired while playing a game.

Therefore, the leadership of the game was completely in the Miki city.
Nevertheless, the result is 0:0.
The shot did not enter. It is really regrettable.
サッカー 074
By the way, could you imagine where we played soccer?

You will surely be surprised to hear it.

It was Miki Disaster Prevention Park that we did.
サッカー 077
The ladies soccer team of Australia has practiced here before.
Of course, "Nadeshiko Japan"(the ladies soccer team of Japan) too .

In this park there is "Beans dome" of which we are proud to the world ,where Fed-cup was held.
And there are a track and field sports place and ballpark, too.

サッカー 080
市長杯 005

It is a wonderful park encompassed in green and delicious air.
It is possible to play a game in the soccer court in this wonderful park whoever want to play.

I think that we who can do sports in the highest facilities are really happy.

It is called "Autumn of sports" in Japan.
(Because of good season playing sports)
If you play sports, you can play in each facilities. (you need to preorder. )
Although you don't, you can enjoy in this park.
As for you, only walking in the park spent the expensive time.
Will you come here with the box lunch weekend?

Of course, the child must be pleased because there is a plaza with the play equipment by which
the child can play, too.
市長杯 004

I encountered such scenery in the way back.
Will you enjoy the slow-life in the Miki city?

サッカー 083

Mayor Hiwatashi and Takeo city

Forest Field (10.17)

(This is a picture after Mr Hiwatashi lectured us once.)

Good evening. It was fine also today during a day.
The blog of English version was started up yesterday.
(Japanese version is here !)
So I stayed up late to write it last night.
I'm really sleepy now.
I'm worry about whether it is possible to continue every day.
However, the message "excelent", "Hold out", "Look forward", and so on were gotten in mail and the office from friends, and I want to continue to hold out as much as possible.

Well, today's title is "Mayor Hiwatashi and Takeo city".

Mayor Hiwatashi gets the municipal administration managed as knowing
by the peculiar ability.

He was the the bureaucrat of the former Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications.

He proceeded to Takatsuki City,Osaka as a general manager of public mayor department .
It was he that used the blog for PR for the first time in Japan.

When he became a mayor, he was the whole country minimus mayor.
He stole the limelight from the whole country.
He attracted "Gabai bachan(great grandma)"TV location to the Takeo city.
The name of Takeo city became famous in the whole country.
Next, he formed GABBA. GABBA is grandmas' units.
Afterwards, he paid attention to "Lemongrass".
And, he made "Lemongrass" the special product thing of the Takeo city.
It is "lemongrass = Takeo city" and "Takeo city = lemongrass" now.

After that, there were a lot of applications in the employment test of the
Takeo city office outside the prefecture this year.
Attention is paid to the Takeo city and mayor Hiwatashi by the whole

The Miki city is doing personnel exchanges as the Takeo city which is Mayor Hiwatashi.
After having heard his lecture, I became Hiwatashi fan.

He introduced me to Mayor Kunisada in the Sanjo city.
(This picture is one Mayor Kunisada in Sanjo city visited Miki city. )

Mayor Hiwtashi is really great and truly strange (I'm sorry)mayor I've ever seen.

I think you may know very well about theese things.
However, why am I writing moreover about mayor Hiwatashi?
Because I got mail from Mayor Hiwatashi and I may get excited.

To tell the truth, I got excelent advice from mayor Hiwatashi today.

What is the advice?

It is leaving message with the name "fantastic dreamers federation in Miki city" (this federation is one I formed with my friends recently)When I visit other blog.

The naming of "fantastic dreamers federation in Miki city" is good name.
so he adviced that I should use the name with confidence.

Ladies and gentlemen,I want to leave the message with the name "fantastic dreamers federation in Miki city".
Please look forward to reading it !

There is another reason I want to take up mayor Hiwatashi.

I established an English blog to send the Miki city all over the world yesterday.

However, it is done ,to tell the truth, because of mayor Hiwatashi.

Do you know Mayor Hiwatashi is establishing the blog in Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese.

Mr.Rover and I felt admiration for Mr Hiwatahi seeing the market including Takeo city in the world.

3 languages!! it is troubling even if in English.

Mayor Hiwatashi is really excellent mayor.

Whenever he or she does mail, Mayor Hiwatashi gives the answer.
Though it is a very busy mayor.

Mayor Hiwatashi. Thank you for giving mail in spite of a busy schedule.

The Miki city to the world !!

Forest Field (10.16)

Welcome to "Forest Field's Diary from Japan" !

三木祭り 023

I live in the Miki city in Japan.

The Miki city is located in the next of the west in Kobe City,Japan.

Miki is famous for "Hardware" and "Yamadanishiki"(rice for the special sake brand ).
I will touch later about these in this blog.

I work for a local government office in Miki.
My department is Civil Engineering.
But my job through my life ( it's my dream ) is to make Miki the most famous and atractive city in the World.

So I decided to begin to write my blog in English too.

This blog is a English version "さるとる ファイト!"which is basically written in Japanese .

I hope many people are interested in MIKI through this blog " Forest Field's diary from Japan".

Well , let's start today's blog.

Good evening.

The Miki city of today was very fine.
it was hot in daytime. However, morning and night gets cold.
The gap of Temperature of day and morning/night is intense.
You should take care about health management.
By the way, recent morning is fresh and very pleasant.
I want to breathe deeply on such a pleasant morning .
Because Miki's air is fresh and delicious.
The Miki city enclosed by green.
And the Miki is the highest location.
How about delicious air?
The Miki city is located in the next of the west in Kobe City.
It is a reaping season of the king 'Yamadanishiki' of the brewer's rice that shines to gold now.
Would you like to come ?

Well, today's title is "Miki city to the world" .

プール 011

My dream is people all over the world learn the Miki city , and the Miki city becomes very atractive city which people all over the world yearn.

"The Miki city is such attractive really "

I often rediscover the Miki city as I write the blog. and I fall in love with the Miki city again.

I think that this charm is that many people feel ,even if the patronage eyes of me who lives are subtracted.

Recently, my blog connects pleasantly with many blogs.

My blog has passed the first time.
So I should set the next target.

Therefore,my recent concern is how I send Miki to the world .

I consult the friend as soon as there is a concern.

The reason is that all of my friend is excellent.

This time, I consulted "Ukie".
And I asked her Whether A woman who I wanted to consult can contact with me.
She was a friend of mine at high school days.

Her name is "Tonchan".

She spent the university life in foreign countries, and she speaks English fluently.
She has a lot of friends overseas.

Thus, I consulted her(
To be frank with you,I wanted her to translate my blog in Japanese into English.But I failed.)
and I was given her Highest Message that she will introduce my blog to her friends overseas.

BY the way,
do you want to learn who write the blog in English ?

IT'S ME~~~!!!

Ukie and Tonchan strongly
pushed the back of me who had been hesitating in doing it.

Thus, I decided to write it.

Next I consulted one of my friend "Rover" who is a civil serbant too.
I consult him whenever I decide important thing.
His answer is good !
And he taught me the translation function of the internet .


I want to make 'Miki city in the world' .

I think it comes the day paid attention to all all over the world!

Tonchan, please point out and tell me when it is missing.