Forest Field's Diary from Japan
I live in the Miki city in Japan. I want to introduce the Miki city where I live through the blog.

The Miki city to the world !!

Forest Field (10.16)

Welcome to "Forest Field's Diary from Japan" !

三木祭り 023

I live in the Miki city in Japan.

The Miki city is located in the next of the west in Kobe City,Japan.

Miki is famous for "Hardware" and "Yamadanishiki"(rice for the special sake brand ).
I will touch later about these in this blog.

I work for a local government office in Miki.
My department is Civil Engineering.
But my job through my life ( it's my dream ) is to make Miki the most famous and atractive city in the World.

So I decided to begin to write my blog in English too.

This blog is a English version "さるとる ファイト!"which is basically written in Japanese .

I hope many people are interested in MIKI through this blog " Forest Field's diary from Japan".

Well , let's start today's blog.

Good evening.

The Miki city of today was very fine.
it was hot in daytime. However, morning and night gets cold.
The gap of Temperature of day and morning/night is intense.
You should take care about health management.
By the way, recent morning is fresh and very pleasant.
I want to breathe deeply on such a pleasant morning .
Because Miki's air is fresh and delicious.
The Miki city enclosed by green.
And the Miki is the highest location.
How about delicious air?
The Miki city is located in the next of the west in Kobe City.
It is a reaping season of the king 'Yamadanishiki' of the brewer's rice that shines to gold now.
Would you like to come ?

Well, today's title is "Miki city to the world" .

プール 011

My dream is people all over the world learn the Miki city , and the Miki city becomes very atractive city which people all over the world yearn.

"The Miki city is such attractive really "

I often rediscover the Miki city as I write the blog. and I fall in love with the Miki city again.

I think that this charm is that many people feel ,even if the patronage eyes of me who lives are subtracted.

Recently, my blog connects pleasantly with many blogs.

My blog has passed the first time.
So I should set the next target.

Therefore,my recent concern is how I send Miki to the world .

I consult the friend as soon as there is a concern.

The reason is that all of my friend is excellent.

This time, I consulted "Ukie".
And I asked her Whether A woman who I wanted to consult can contact with me.
She was a friend of mine at high school days.

Her name is "Tonchan".

She spent the university life in foreign countries, and she speaks English fluently.
She has a lot of friends overseas.

Thus, I consulted her(
To be frank with you,I wanted her to translate my blog in Japanese into English.But I failed.)
and I was given her Highest Message that she will introduce my blog to her friends overseas.

BY the way,
do you want to learn who write the blog in English ?

IT'S ME~~~!!!

Ukie and Tonchan strongly
pushed the back of me who had been hesitating in doing it.

Thus, I decided to write it.

Next I consulted one of my friend "Rover" who is a civil serbant too.
I consult him whenever I decide important thing.
His answer is good !
And he taught me the translation function of the internet .


I want to make 'Miki city in the world' .

I think it comes the day paid attention to all all over the world!

Tonchan, please point out and tell me when it is missing.


[2008/10/16 14:29] URL | wild-rover #a2H6GHBU [ Edit ]

Thanks !!
[2008/10/16 15:11] URL | forest field #- [ Edit ]

[2008/10/16 20:12] URL | takeo'n chu #- [ Edit ]

Well done!! I'm so impressed by your work. Keep trying!
[2008/10/17 05:56] URL | Tonchan #- [ Edit ]

dear takeo'n chu

"gabai" is Takeo's dialect
it means great ,doesn't it ?
Thank you !!
[2008/10/17 06:55] URL | forest field #- [ Edit ]

dear Tonchan

I appreciate you and Ukie push the back of me.
Please make this blog known to your friends abroad.
[2008/10/17 07:03] URL | forest field #- [ Edit ]

Congratulations for your successful open of blogs.I expect you to have many friends through exchanging mails not only in Japan but also in overseas.As you show in your blogs, Miki is one of the beautifhl middle sized cities which population is about 85,000 and is famous for its metal tools producing. The hardware festival of 2008 will be held both on Novemver 1 and 2. You will be able to see and purchase many superqualified carpenters's tools and machines while enjoying many events and meals. Please try to visit Miki.
[2008/10/20 00:32] URL | Tetsuo kurahashi #- [ Edit ]

Thank you for the heartful message and giving much information about Miki ,espetially the hardware festival of 2008.
[2008/10/20 06:19] URL | Forest Field #- [ Edit ]

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