Forest Field's Diary from Japan
I live in the Miki city in Japan. I want to introduce the Miki city where I live through the blog.

Let's enjoy Miki Disaster Prevention Park

【Japanese version is here】

Forest Field(10.18)

Good evening.
It was fine today. If something was done outside, it was a day that it might not be
excluding today.

サッカー 069
We played soccer today.
It was a soccer rally with cities or towns in the vicinity today.

The team against whom the Miki city fought is Ako City.
For the member, Ako City was 11 people,while Miki City was 18.

Therefore, the Miki city was able to alternate member one after another as soon as someone were tired while playing a game.

Therefore, the leadership of the game was completely in the Miki city.
Nevertheless, the result is 0:0.
The shot did not enter. It is really regrettable.
サッカー 074
By the way, could you imagine where we played soccer?

You will surely be surprised to hear it.

It was Miki Disaster Prevention Park that we did.
サッカー 077
The ladies soccer team of Australia has practiced here before.
Of course, "Nadeshiko Japan"(the ladies soccer team of Japan) too .

In this park there is "Beans dome" of which we are proud to the world ,where Fed-cup was held.
And there are a track and field sports place and ballpark, too.

サッカー 080
市長杯 005

It is a wonderful park encompassed in green and delicious air.
It is possible to play a game in the soccer court in this wonderful park whoever want to play.

I think that we who can do sports in the highest facilities are really happy.

It is called "Autumn of sports" in Japan.
(Because of good season playing sports)
If you play sports, you can play in each facilities. (you need to preorder. )
Although you don't, you can enjoy in this park.
As for you, only walking in the park spent the expensive time.
Will you come here with the box lunch weekend?

Of course, the child must be pleased because there is a plaza with the play equipment by which
the child can play, too.
市長杯 004

I encountered such scenery in the way back.
Will you enjoy the slow-life in the Miki city?

サッカー 083


very good!
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dear rfuruya

Thank you very much !
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