Forest Field's Diary from Japan
I live in the Miki city in Japan. I want to introduce the Miki city where I live through the blog.

The Miki style soccer game

Japanese version is here

Forest Field(10.19)

秋桜とか 015
(I found a cosmos field.)

Good evening.

It was fine today during a day.

I got the message from Ukie.
The message is that autumn in Japan is the best season which you start something.

She is a teacher of the national language.

She cherishes The Miki LOHAS plan.
She is enjoying the herb and the yoga.

She was a leader in a highschool.

She and I were in the same class between the third grade.

I am pleased with the re-meeting her.
She also has been writing the blog.I take the power from her blog everytime I read.

Ukie, let's put the plan into reality together !

Well, there is a practice game of soccer of the child from the morning.
although it was very very hot.

I saw the game while thinking of these kind of things below today.

Please read a little kind og fantastic dream.

When I always see the children's soccer, I want to play soccer.

Please forget that I coudn't endure for 15 minutes yesterday.

I realize it is necessary for me to always move the body after all.

Any way, I always have a desire to play soccer with children .

so I have an idea "adult team vs children's" .

There is a difference of muscular power between adult and child no matter how the adult is lack of physical activity.

So for the game between adults and kids ,the number of adults is five in the lower classes for the elementary school, and the upper-grade is seven .

For vs Junior high school student..In this case, I think it's impossible to play it because of our older age.

Anyway as we can do in same court,we can have a soccer game with whomever someone wants to do.

If there is a kind of soccer game,
father and mother can cancel lack of physical activity.
They can contribute to child's strong(?) soccer team making.
We will see the scene that father and child kick the ball at home each other.
And Father will come back early.
Above all, the family has smile in the supper on the day played together in the same field.

This can be done by not only soccer but also other sports.

Mr. R175(Japanese bloger) took up "Sports culture" today by chance.

『Not only own health care but also the exchange with the family and the region become natural customs in daily life. It is connected with making the region energetic to make "Sports culture" take root. 』

It is a word in the blog. I think so.

Mr.R175,How about "the soccer game of Miki style" to help to make "Sports culture" take root ?

秋桜とか 007
(Today we have all Japan horsemanship rally which I coudn't see although I wanted see.See this blog)


I get power from you,too.
Thank you so much!!
[2008/10/19 19:04] URL | ukie #aEmTB4nk [ Edit ]

I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning.I'll introduce you to rfuruya.He will give you a lot of power,too.
[2008/10/20 06:15] URL | Forest Field #- [ Edit ]

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