Forest Field's Diary from Japan
I live in the Miki city in Japan. I want to introduce the Miki city where I live through the blog.

Bourbon Beans Dome

Japanese version is here

Forest Field(10.20)
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It was anounced the acquisition of the naming right of Bnans Dome in Hyogo prefectural Miki disaster prevention park where the naming right was being recruited by Hyogo Prefecture.

It is "Bourbon "(of the cake) to acquire.
Bourbon has motto that this company advances "Contribution to a healthy social-making as the enterprise healthy improvement synthesis support that supports the health care of the mind and the body"and" "it was established when the distress of Great Kanto Earthquake was seen, and it contributed to the disaster support activity about the earthquake etc."
The naming right was acquired in having agreed the activity purpose of "Base of the sports recreations" and "Large area disaster prevention base" that Hyogo prefectural Miki disaster prevention park aim.

By the way, where on earth do I get the information considerably fast?

No No.
It is""which is the news site of the ceter of Niigata Pref.

Thank you very much for's kindness to take up "Miki fantastic dreamer's " attending in " Echigo Sanjyo blacksmith festival" .

I was very surprised that Bourbon acquired the naming rights Of Beans Dome on the site of "" by chance.

Bourbon is in Kashiwazaki City.
Kashiwazaki City is a city in Niigata Prefecture.
Sanjo city where Mayor Kunisada exists as for Niigata Prefecture.

(When Mayor Kunisada visited Beans Dome in Miki in August.)

I feel the curious coincidence.

Beans Dome becomes "Bourbon Beans Dome" in December.

Dear Bourbon, please give my best regards to the Miki city with Bourbon Beans Dome !!


The Bourbon company has the homepage of an English version.
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to Rover

Thank you for the kindness!
Beautiful homepage isn't it?
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